Hannah's Full Biography

Why did you choose Carleton University? 

I always wanted to go to a school where I could walk around campus and recognize people, yet still have many opportunities to meet new friends. Since I’m from the greater Toronto area, I wanted to be close enough to visit regularly, but was also looking forward to exploring a new city. With its amazing campus, incredible student population, and location within the vibrant city of Ottawa, Carleton was definitely the perfect choice for me.

Why do you recommend Carleton to prospective students? 

Being a member of the Carleton community has been an incredible experience! Carleton has a very diverse population and there is truly something for everyone on campus. With so many amazing clubs and societies, there are endless opportunities to get involved.

What clubs/athletics/extracurricular activities do you participate in and what is the experience like? 

I really recommend getting involved on campus. Personally, I have worked on campus at Rooster’s Café and as a Campus Tour Guide. I am also a member of an international sorority on campus. All of these experiences have been extremely rewarding!

What are your favourite things about Carleton and Ottawa? 

I love Carleton’s location in Ottawa, especially the fact that it is a self-contained campus. While located outside of Ottawa’s downtown core, Carleton’s campus is just a quick transit ride to the heart of the city. There are always exciting events taking place in Ottawa and so many new places to discover!

What is Carleton University’s best kept secret?

Having worked on campus at Rooster’s Café during my second year, I am biased in saying that it is definitely Carleton’s hidden gem. I am in love with the pitas at Rooster’s, especially the veggie patty pita. It’s also a great place to study, hang out and meet new people!