As a student, you may not have a lot of free time, but volunteering is a fantastic way to use any extra time that you have. I am studying Social Work, and my program encourages us to go out and gain experience through various volunteer opportunities. That being said, volunteering is for everyone, and there is so much variety in what you can do as a volunteer. There are great opportunities to volunteer at Carleton and in Ottawa. Some of my best experiences, including the connections I have made and the moments I have shared with others, have been the result of volunteering.

Carleton University hosted a conference in June 2017 where Frank O’Dea, the keynote speaker, spoke about the difference we can make in someone else’s life without even being aware of our impact. I feel that through volunteer work, you are contributing, helping and positively shaping someone’s experience.

Experiences gained through volunteer work will shape you and stay with you forever. You create meaningful connections with the organization or office you are working with, and know that you are making a positive difference. Volunteering on campus not only allows you to get more connected and involved at Carleton, but it also allows you learn, give, grow, network, build skills, and create memories.

So, whether you are a Social Work student looking for more experience, an Engineering student who loves to help, a Business student who wants to network, or anything in between—if you are wondering what you can do with your free time, consider volunteering!

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities on campus that I have participated in:

There are many other volunteer opportunities around campus and in Ottawa to get involved with. I encourage you to explore these options, and find the volunteer opportunity that is the right fit for you.