As my third year at Carleton University nears its end, I remember the many times I sought advice and/or mentorship from my peers, teaching assistants and professors. Transitioning from a first-year student to an upper-year student meant some important decisions had to be made: Which areas of study interest me the most? Which courses do I want to take? Will I add minors or concentrations to my degree?

For help with some of these questions, I sought out advice and mentorship from my program administrator. I also found it helpful to talk to upper-year students in my program to get advice on what to expect in my classes and to find out which courses they recommend.

In many fields, research and practical experience are helpful for building your resume and finding employment. To do this, I spoke with my professors about their research. Through these conversations, I was able to discover my preferred areas of study and determine which professors I might want to work with in the future. I also reached out to my teaching assistants to ask them about their research and the paths they took through university.

It is very helpful to navigate your undergraduate experience with the advice and guidance of mentors. I found that talking to my classmates, professors and teaching assistants provided me with an idea of what to expect throughout my time at university. There are also many other resources on campus that provide guidance to Carleton students, such as:

As I enter the final year of my undergraduate studies, I feel ready, and I am thankful for the guidance I received from the Carleton community.