When I was a child, clothing simply kept me warm. As I grew up, clothing helped me bridge the gap between awkward child and somewhat trendy teenager. Come high school, fashion had become a fascination of mine.

It allowed me to create my own style, a sense of individuality, an identity.

Why Arts Reporting? Why New York?

Even prior to starting my undergraduate degree at Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communications, I had my sights set on becoming an arts reporter. The arts allow me to tackle complex issues from new and compelling perspectives. Most of the experience I acquired throughout the course of my studies relates to fashion, arts and entertainment reporting.

In early 2017, one of my Journalism professors informed me that a previous student of his works for Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), a fashion industry trade journal based out of New York City. After connecting with the alumnus, I was given a recruiter’s contact information, which allowed me to beg — or rather, respectfully make my case — for an internship, at their headquarters on Fifth Avenue. One frighteningly short phone interview later, WWD’s recruiter offered me a summer internship.

Navigating The Concrete Jungle

Joshua Soucie, an arts reporter, stands inside New York City's famous Oculus.

This is a picture of me inside the Oculus.

Moving to New York City for two months, though incredibly exciting, is a logistical challenge. Finding affordable housing, meal plans and accessible transportation is key, but making sure to budget for the length of the stay is just as important. The required documentation and corresponding Visa applications are also a little confusing, but a quick call to the U.S. Embassy clears up most concerns.

When I arrived at WWD’s head office, located in front of the New York Public Library, a team of brilliantly dressed editors greeted me. For the duration of my internship, these editors greatly contributed to my personal and professional growth. Over the length of my stay in New York City, I was sent to cover red carpet events, such as the Ozark series premiere; interview rising stars, like Khalid; and attend photo shoots, such as those for the publication’s cover shot.

The experience I gained working as an arts reporter in America’s largest metropolitan city was invaluable to my professional growth. It concretized what I had been learning for the last few years at Carleton. It also helped me build a network in America’s largest cultural hub. Besides, how many people can say they attended the same after party as Brad Pitt?

As I sit here and reminisce about an unforgettable summer, I cannot shake the thought that, much like the seasons, most things come and go. Still, as I cozy up into my blanket scarf, its warmth reminds me that some things never change.

This is a picture of New York City's Oculus' exterior panels that create a trompe l'oeil.

This is a shot I took from outside the Oculus, facing its exterior panels.