March 9, 2020

News from Carleton: The Capital Advantage

Ottawa is a wonderful place to study, offering students opportunities they won’t find anywhere else. Our campus is located a short ride from Parliament Hill and Ottawa’s downtown core.

Carleton is bordered by the Rideau Canal, the Rideau River and the surrounding community. This complementary blend of city life and nature, culture and heritage, business and government makes it a unique campus to study and learn.

In addition to being the seat of Canada’s federal government, Ottawa offers an unparalleled network of government departments, national non-profit organizations, international agencies, embassies and more. The city is also considered a global technology hub composed of over 1,900 high tech companies, ranging from multinational enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses.

Studying in a G7 capital city gives Carleton students unparalleled advantages, such as exceptional co-op and research opportunities that will completely enrich their university experience.

Encourage your students to learn more about studying in the nation’s capital.