February 27, 2020

Webinar: The Sprott School of Business

This webinar about the Sprott School of Business originally aired on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

International students interested in the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of International Business were invited to watch a short introductory video, get student updates, and chat with us live.


Associate Dean and Professor, Howard Nemiroff, takes you through the undergraduate degrees available at the Sprott School of Business. Learn about the Bachelor of Commerce degree and the Bachelor of International Business degree.

Meet Pavan

Pavan is a Bachelor of Commerce student born in India and raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He is concentrating on Accounting and minoring in Statistics, and is currently doing his second co-op placement (work-study opportunity) at Deloitte Ottawa.

Meet Valentina

Valentina is a Bachelor of International Business student from Colombia. She is taking a minor in French with a concentration in financial markets and global systems. She will study in Montpellier during the third year of her degree program.