This webinar November 20, 2019, and again on February 19, 2020

Your presenter, Nikhitha Gajudhur, is an engineering grad and was also an international student while at Carleton.

What we’ll cover:

  • An overview of the bachelor degree programs available through the Faculty of Engineering and Design, and related accreditation and certification
  • Computer Science versus Software Engineering
  • Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering versus Architectural Studies
  • Fun projects including: small-scale solar and water saving mechanics in Tanzania, and helping to build a race car—and then driving it! —and more!
  • State of the art facilities and labs
  • Work-study opportunities, and companies that hire students
  • Costs and scholarships
  • Dates and deadlines
  • Academic support
  • The Carleton community—including the clubs and societies that are integral to the life of Engineering and Design Students

I don’t want to watch the whole video – how do I just see what I’m interested in?

You have the possibility to jump to the sections within the video presentation that interest you. The time stamps can be found within the YouTube description.