Use your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account to access:

  • Carleton’s wireless network
  • PC labs on campus
  • MyCarleton Portal (provides access to cuLearn, Carleton email, Carleton Central and personalized campus announcements)
  • Home directory storage accessible from PC labs and e-Kiosks (called the G-drive which has 30 mb for file storage)

Activating your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account:

After you apply for admission, you can activate your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account through Carleton Central ( Access Carleton Central using the MC1 username provided in your acknowledgement package.

Setting up your Carleton email account:

All Carleton students are assigned a Carleton (Cmail) email account. Once you have accepted your offer of admission, you can enable your email by logging in to Carleton Central and accessing the “Personal Information” section.

Carleton will be corresponding with all new and current students through their Carleton email accounts throughout the summer and the academic year. Important messages that concern you and your progress in your academic program, as well as messages regarding your student account, financial aid and student support services, will be issued through your Carleton email account. All students are responsible for regularly checking their accounts.

Forgot your MyCarletonOne (MC1) password?

Note: Before resetting your MyCarletonOne (MC1) password, you must first disable all wireless devices, email clients, or applications that are using the current password. If you do not disable wireless, the device will continue to try to connect using your old password and lock your account. Once you have successfully changed your password, update the stored password on your applications and devices before re-enabling wireless access.


If you have any questions about activating your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account and/or Carleton email, please contact the ITS Service Desk.