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Programs / Arts / Film Studies

Program Details

Cinema is examined in Carleton’s Film Studies program as an art form, an entertainment, and a documentary record of our time. Through a variety of critical approaches, you will study the history and aesthetics of film and other moving-image media, the main currents and developments in filmmaking, and the works of some of the world’s best filmmakers. Other areas of study include the documentary and the musical; animation; experimental film and digital media; African, Japanese and Latin American cinema; film theory; film technology; and silent cinema.

You will also examine broader questions of culture and hone your critical, research and analytical skills. Students in their fourth year can also take advantage of the practicum program in which students can get real-world experience working in archival research, film preservation, programming, exhibition or production work at institutions such as the Canadian Film Institute, the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the SAW Gallery. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to express your artistic vision and create audiovisual essays through our “Moving Image Practice” courses.

Honours, Combined Honours and General programs are offered, as is a minor in Film Studies.

What students are saying about Film Studies

Carleton’s Film Studies program has provided me with the essential knowledge to understand the complex historical and cultural forces that shape cinema as an art form and cultural text. The program helps me appreciate both the world cinema and the Canadian cinema, which in turn gives me a better opportunity to understand the culture that I live in. As a journalist, I have already been applying the knowledge and the analytical skills I have gained through classes taught by some of the best Film Studies scholars in the country. Sharing this unique learning experience with bright and engaged fellow students creates a feeling of community.
Kumru Bilici third-year student in Film Studies