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My first dinner on my own…

Welcome back! I hope you had a great summer. When I was in high school I thought that the four month summer vacation that university students got was going to feel like forever but, in truth, it feels exactly as long as the two month high school summer vacation.

I am now entering my second year of Industrial Design, and it’s currently the Saturday of Labour Day weekend. My parents just left this morning, and now I’m on my own. Three of my buddies and I managed to get a decent sized place about a 15 minute walk from campus, so I’ve been working on getting all the necessities – toiletries, furniture, a bed, dishes, cooking supplies, all that fun stuff.

I had some free time so I decided to cook up some dinner (that wasn’t fast food or Kraft Dinner). Now, there are some people in my life that thinkĀ dinner-300x202I am going to struggle to make decent tasting food this year, but I am going to try and prove them wrong. I got out the recipe for my Grandma’s famous chilli, and headed over to the grocery store for some ingredients. Me being a rookie grocery shopper, it took me a while to find some of the ingredients such as Worcestershire sauce (I must’ve been down some aisles more than five times), but in the end I got everything I needed. And once in the kitchen, I felt like I was cooking up a storm: boiling the chicken, sauteeing the onions and vegetables etc. Once I was finished, I had this great big pot of chilli sitting on the stove. I have never cooked on my own before, so I was a little bit hesitant to try it. The spoon lowers, gets a heaping spoonful, delivers it right to my taste buds…and they lit up with approval! The chili was delicious, and almost tasted the way my mother makes it, not quite though. Maybe with some more experience I’ll get it, but I was quite impressed with how it turned out.

So, if you have any qualms about cooking for yourself while in university, don’t worry about it – if I can do it, you can do it! I’ll keep you posted on how it works out when I have less time for meal preparation.

Over the next couple of days, I need to acquire my textbooks, do some cleaning, figure out cleaning schedules and get access to the Internet. You don’t realize how much of your life depends on the Internet until you move into a house without it and you don’t have access to Google to answer all of your questions (how long it takes to cook chicken, bus routes to Wal-Mart etc.). Stay tuned for posts on my upcoming Industrial Design projects!